Lockdown Talk

It was the third 1st day of 2021, I looked back and all the maybe's of 2020 still followed me around; maybe it's me, maybe we're done, maybe a million tomorrows could give the same hug.When horror films weren't enough to frighten the life into me I did something nice for someone and I felt something.....joy,… Continue reading Lockdown Talk

Wherefore art thou my feelings?

Cry me a fudging river, at least that would be better than not feeling at all, (at least that’s how it feels.) Bittersweet if we’d cry literal tears of milk chocolate, literal nonsense, and a gaze with no words for emotions. Imagine the wait for months to find I had anguish from last week, tell… Continue reading Wherefore art thou my feelings?

Intro: Snowdrop

Hi, one day I found myself just wanting to write for the love of writing, a few poetic lines of my day to day life, not that it’s actually that important but the pulse of my pen demands a release. I could say I’m the lone flower that couldn’t say when last I’ve looked anyone… Continue reading Intro: Snowdrop