Since she slept

All the salt seasonal people leave behind, all her emotions rationed, not to mention her heart was on a budget, so she slept on the world. Tired of the wait for them to wake up, though the sun rose regardless, a cup full awakened new tangs of thought, Since she slept, pink skies chose her… Continue reading Since she slept

The sun’s loneliness

I once saw the sky on fire and we took pictures and called it golden hour, to think the sun's loneliness is spent with the world; to do something everyone will love you for, to convince love that you deserve to be loved, at best, conditionally. Good thing - masterpiece, bad thing - healing, he… Continue reading The sun’s loneliness

A day like this

Heavy winds spun clanking branches under grey skies, for once the great outside reflected my exact thoughts. Right in the middle of overthinking, I thought of the day I had red velvet cake watching Anne with an E by the window. It was a day just like this; her lust for life, when I had… Continue reading A day like this

What’s wrong?

So today I sprayed perfume in the air just to step in the mist of a new person. I’m mildly sad, vaguely anxious and calm at the same time; tears, I’m tired, stop telling yourself you're gonna cry. It's okay to feel things, I just can't be asked to find out what's wrong, I don't know what's… Continue reading What’s wrong?

Pinch Punch – 1st day of the month

It's the 5th first day of 2021, I looked back and there's nothing that almost broke me that didn't fix my vision. There's no rose in a glass dome stuck between savage and a better person, every good thing glowed ever more when I left the world behind. Regret could only dream to insult me… Continue reading Pinch Punch – 1st day of the month

Escapril – Even now, after everything?

For every herbal and coffee was a cinnamon spiced tea, once scorned for its origin bottom half of the tree. Even now, after everything, I have to believe I'm living my best life, the likes of lightning struck from the ground up, I'm here, I belong. Tree trunks make imperfection softer to touch, and buddings… Continue reading Escapril – Even now, after everything?

Escapril – Extreme dissonance

Undead martyrs need a stage, every stage needs a story line, of course it makes sense for you to villainize me.If my words weren't scripted to put a sword in your mouth, typical gaslight was a custom. I take full blame for wanting the same things you ask for, I take full accountability.

Escapril – Ink

Coloured liquid to make a mark, a mark to make sense of the universe, space, filled with stars to convey dreams, yet this page was intentionally left blank. There’s nothing here for you to read, nothing I want to explain, for once, the gap read fulfillment, empty, was all I could ever ask for, empty,… Continue reading Escapril – Ink

Escapril – Nothing more beautiful

Nothing more beautiful than graptoveria douglas huth, pastel colours, yearn for me to be on good terms with life, to sleep better, to take better care of my relationships. Give. Don't worry about receiving. I like to book a hot drink with the window weather, to see things, and be okay not solving all the… Continue reading Escapril – Nothing more beautiful