I’m not like other girls – The problem

I thought about who said the saying I’m not like other girls, and all the other girls who took offence to this saying without context. Context to the girl vs. the girls in her class, in her town, or wherever else at that specific time. Mind you, this is only picked up by teenagers and… Continue reading I’m not like other girls – The problem

Good Vibes Only – A Perspective

We've all seen or heard the good old 'good vibes only' and at first, this phrase would hit me right in my depression like if you don't get up and perform like you have happiness to prove, all your people will turn against you. It happens, but then I don't think it means to hell… Continue reading Good Vibes Only – A Perspective

Intro: Snowdrop

Hi, one day I found myself just wanting to write for the love of writing, a few poetic lines of my day to day life, not that it’s actually that important but the pulse of my pen demands a release. I could say I'm the lone flower that couldn't say when last I've looked anyone… Continue reading Intro: Snowdrop